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Making green energy production as valuable for you as it is for the environment!

How does it work?

We all want a better planet for our children and future generations to grow up in. Now you can be part of the green energy revolution and be financially rewarded up to £0.25 per 1kWh for the solar and renewable energy you create. After installing the Rowan Smart Miner (or compatible smart meter) onto your home solar setup you will automatically produce REC's and be paid for them in Rowan Rewards points, which can be cashed out onto the Rowan debit card, or into your PayPal account.

What are "Rowan Rewards"?

We want to live in a better world, where the energy we use is green and renewable, but it's not always easy to know how. Getting a home solar panel system is a popular and effective way to help improve the environment and reduce our reliance on centralised fossil fuel based electricity. Maybe you are just thinking about it, pricing things up to try and make the right choice about taking home solar panels, but the UK government continuing to remove support and subsidies for green energy is a concern. Relying just on them, it will take much longer to recover your initial outlay, perhaps even meaning you can't afford to go as green as you want. Rowan Energy now gives you the means to create you own renewable enrgy certificates, with no effect on the power you produce, and to be automatically financially rewarded for it. All you need to do is sign up for the service, have your Rowan Smart Miner installed (or have an update to your existing smart meter), and you will immediately start earning reward points by generating REC's. Once you ahve these reward points they can be cashed out onto the Rowan debit card to be used just as you would normally use a card, or they can be cashed out directly into your PayPal account. You can also use our app at any time to measure your points earned, and see exactly what they are worth, as well as track your power generation.

What is an REC?

A Renewable Energy Certificate, or REC, is a carbon offset certificate that has traditionally only been available to large solar or wind farms. Rowan Energy Blockchain gives you return on your solar investment by directly rewarding you for the clean energy you create, at a rate of up to £0.25 per 1kWh, by allowing you to produce these REC's. For the average UK home that means £5 extra income from your panels per day. We provide a quick and simple set-up connected to your existing or new equipment, which directly rewards you for all your green energy, not just what you feed into the grid. We pay you with Rowan Reward points (RWN), which can be cashed out to the Rowan debit card, or directly into your PayPal account, for the energy you create. Businesses or individuals who need to offset their carbon footprint then buy these RECs from Rowan Energy.. You get rewarded financially, bringing down the length of time it takes to pay back your initial solar purchase, and companies and individuals who don't have generated green energy can help the environment by buying the certificates from provably 100% renewable sources.

What is the Rowan Smart Miner?

You don't want an expensive solution, one that is time-consuming to set-up or requires you to make major changes to your existing hardware. You want one that is simple, easy to install whatever solar solution you use, and is discreet. You want the Rowan Energy solution. We provide a simple installation of a small box, that clips directly into your existing system to let you take advantage of the service.There are no complicated wiring, no change to your current set-up and no long installation. You may even find you already have a Rowan compatible smart meter installed as our system is designed to be compatible with a large number of meters already in the market.

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OUR Team

Founder – Rowan Energy

Currently a Network Security Advisor & Senior Engineer. David has been a technical lead for projects with Deutsche Bank, Aviva and Barclays. He a strong background in networks, Firewall, Python. He has a passion for Blockchain and has developed a energy-trading based OLT. He has built a enterprise level Bitcoin mine and also ran business in printing, service and also IT.

Halam Rose

Angel Investor and technical and commercially oriented. Experienced and visionary in software, wireless and engineering. Determined that customers will profit from my analytical, technical and commercial skills. Many years experience in 10T, Smart Meters. Also a technical founder of a hugely successful IOT company.

Simon Ludlam

Originator of innovative, high profile energy investments and transactions in Europe and the Americas. 20 years of experience within Investment Banking and Private Equity identifying and executing value creative opportunities. Broad experience across all the energy sub-sectors with specific expertise in the power transmission, midstream oil, gas and regulated assets. Recent hands-on operator experience running a private equity controlled energy companies.

Sarah Atkins
Finance Director

Experienced finance director, business development and corporate finance professional. Successful track record of fund raising, operational management and shareholder exits for high-growth private equity-backed companies, mostly in the cleantech, online, software, not-for-profit and real estate sectors.

Martin Hostacny

Martin Hostacnye is a talented developer and technical lead with strong background in smart meters and IOT. He has many years experience running large development teams and delivering complicated projects.

Cyber Security Advisor

A highly talented and succesful cyber security manager. Currently works as a Cyber Security Manager at a private investment bank in London.

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We want you to see value in being a green solar energy producer,both for the environment
and in return on your investment.


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